Classes and Workshops

There are four core classes available at True Talk, with more on their way. These classes, seminars, and lessons are original creations, discovered, presented by me, and co-explored by all of us. Each topic covers an area of expertise that I have chosen to share with the public, and specifically with those who are interested in learning about how to strengthen their mind, change weaknesses into strengths, find their personal success and achieve goals long tried for, start being and end trying to be. My classes and workshops bring you cutting edge psychic knowledge. Like the parallelism between gravity and the force of attraction between material objects, and attraction, the law of like attracting like psychically, and how these forces create energetic bodies of emotions, feeling, and thought.

Another great activity is the chat circle. This ancient form of intimate, and collective communication is here used to answer specific social and personal needs. I see a need for men to have a space to speak their feeling and thoughts on intimacy. This dialogue without the feminine energy present allowing men to be men free of their unconscious and conscious submission to the female. There is also needed a space for women to come together in a sage, non-judgmental environment and speak honestly about their feelings and thoughts on trust. This too will be held in the hetero-gender atmosphere  of only the divine goddess, freeing women to speak candidly about their experiences with men and family in the realm of trust. Finally, I want to include our teenage brothers and sisters to have a space where they can join peers and dialogue about their current struggles, fears, and hopes. Here the teens will have the freedom to ask questions they might not have felt comfortable asking in the institutions being presented now: family, school, church, activity.


Psychic Shielding: Learn how and why to develop, strengthen and maintain psychic protection.

Empathic Awareness: Learn about your empathic abilities, develop and stregthen them, and better control in distinguishing between your own feelings and others.

Personal Success: Learn what your goals are, and how to achieve anything.

Developing Authenticity: Learn to be real, and reap the benefits of being authentic.


Create Your Personal Power Object: A hands on process of finding, creating and manifesting your own power object.

Explore Self Awareness: Learn about your struggles, strengths and feelings through a unique method of psychological divination.

Gab Circles for Men, Women and Teens: Explore Intimacy, Trust and Self Acceptance among your peers who seek growth and healing.