Couples Counselling

Chris understands that relationships can form in various different ways, and how that can be confusing. People can find themselves struggling with feelings that hinder and block their capacity for connection. Personal baggage can affect their perception of relationships; our society creates barriers that make lasting love connections difficult. There are a lot of things preventing you from having a beautiful relationship.

Chris offers couples emotional awareness on a far deeper level, which will lead to conscious change and growth in intimacy. Emotions are a natural part of any intimate relationship. Thus, intimate connections will be challenging for those who are not comfortable with their or other’s emotions. Society does not encourage the full expression of emotions and feelings and we have become less confident, less capable of dealing with the powerful emotions found in intimacy and romance.

Chris specializes in helping clients develop their communication skills. Security is taught and needed for free and open communication, meaning that all parties feel safe being honest with each other. Intimate communication will be explicitly about your feelings and the emotions generated in the connection with your partner. Thus some emotional awareness will be expected.

Many people today are seeking more from love and intimacy than just a domestic relationship. Sexuality is being explored with more vigor and less fear of persecution. These new explorations in alternative lifestyles demand a different caliber of counseling: a sympathetic and non-judgmental guide, someone to share concerns with and give professional and experiential feedback and advice and who understands via personal practice.

Benefits of couples counselling

  • Grow stronger connections, better relationships
  • Having third party to act as interceder
  • Find support in difficult alternative relations
  • Learn better communications skills
  • Explore an external perspective on issues and conditions of the relationship
  • Love: a power that moves life
  • Intimacy: a divine expression of love
  • Alternatives: love and live outside of the box or system