Family and Group Counselling

I specialize in families with special needs members and this means both limited and exceptional. Families that have members who are challenging  in any way may need help in creating a healthy and nurturing family environment. I have been working with families of Autistic, Downs Syndrome, Developmentally delayed, Delinquent, and Genius members for over two decades. I understand the struggles that your family is going through, and I know how to help.

Benefits of True Talk Community counselling

  • Grow stronger Connections
  • Learn better Communication skills
  • Access Community Services
  • Find support in Developmental Changes
  • Develop Understanding and Compassion
  • Learn about Forgiveness and Apology
  • Overcome past Teachings and Traumas
  • Develop better family Awareness
  • Let be Together as a  family

Through my involvement with communities here in Vancouver, I have seen that communities too have personalities, struggles and growth challenges.  Thus, I have developed a system of counselling that deals with the collective as a single entity.  These group minds can be found in business settings, family settings, church settings and communities that form and evolve around a theme or common interest.  Struggles for power, leadership development, internal discord and disagreements can all create illness in the community, distracting the members from their purpose, and even in extreme cases dissolving or splintering the community.  I can come into the group and see these negative energies, and then guide and instruct towards a healthier collective.

Benefits of True Talk Community counselling

  • Grow stronger as a Group
  • Learn better Communication skills
  • Access Collective Potentials
  • Gain support in Membership Changes
  • Develop your Mission Statement
  • Practice Forgiveness and Apology
  • Learn from past mistakes and Traumas
  • Develop better Group Consciousness
  • Manifest your Goals together