Method and Approach

I make house calls, and believe they are a necessary aspect of becoming a great therapist. I explore feelings, and empathically reflect your thoughts with those feelings, and create self awareness. This can be a moment of clarity, and of being authentic, full of passion, love and gratitude.  Forgiveness is explored in relation to all people and circumstances you have been introduced to. You are treated with respect and compassion, I consciously will resist labels that you are giving to yourself or have been given to you. In this dialogue we will explore the reasons that you seek healing, help and greater strength. Labels are used as tools of communication, assisting our understanding of a specific emotional, or psychic wound. The people involved are faced, questioned and then forgiven, if not in the physical, than for sure in your mind.

You are a tri-dimensional being of matter, mind and spirit, I will address all levels of your being in prescribing change. Your body and environment are included in our sessions, your mind and emotional landscape are the focus of our sessions, and we acknowledge with collective awareness the Spirit, Oneness, and infinity that is our reality.

Our work is focused upon the psychic being that you are and there we mainly deal with the emotional body. Memories are addressed and the feelings connected there are looked at through a spiritual awareness allowing for healing and growth. Your mental patterns of interpretation are analysed creating better self awareness and the opportunity for conscious change.

These methods are a synthesis of the theories and research of Ken Wilber’s work in the development of consciousness into a full human being, called integral therapy. Each mental illness is the result of some kind of psychic trauma, which we address together. Depending on when the trauma occurred, the memories and feelings in question will vary, we deal directly with that understanding. In this way we co-create a fertile setting for conscious healthy change.