Client Expectations

True Talk Counselling is a dialogue between you and another compassionate, neutral, aware at peace person. It is for everyone, but there are certain things it helps to be in order to get the most from our sessions. It helps you to be brave, ready to learn, change in positive ways, and be open-minded. True Talk is for someone who wants to understand their darkness but are boldly willing to move towards their light. It can  help someone who’s dealing with pain, and is seeking to learn and overcome this in order to their live life to the fullest.

We serve all kinds of people, and those who best benefit from this kind of therapy are people who want to change, who understand that growth requires honest self awareness and acceptance. This self love is necessary for the ability to create a new self through conscious choice and personal change.

Income is never a barrier for healing and change, thus we offer our services to people on a sliding scale that meets your individual needs.